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Town Council approves formation of LC4

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

On June 29, 2021, the Brunswick Town Council approved the formation of the Landing Community Center Complex Committee (LC4). The council-appointed advisory council includes:

Advisory Committee:

Mike Lyne, Chair, Brunswick Recreation Commission

Chris Watkinson, Brunswick Town Councilor

Don Glover, Former High School Coach

Emilie Schmidt, Brunswick Recreation Commission

Eric Foushee, Brunswick Recreation Commission

Irl Rosner, Midcoast Parkview Health

Jeff Ward, Athletic Consultant

Jonathan Edgerton, Engineer

Kristine Logan, MRRA

Larissa Darcy, Brunswick Development Corporation

Sabrina Murphy, YMCA

Sandy Updegraph, Brunswick Planning Board

Sarah Singer, Brunswick Public Schools

Scott Mills, MaineHealth

Stacy Frizzle-Edgerton, People Plus

Tim Ryan, Bowdoin College

Toby McGrath, Youth Coach


Tom Farrell, Parks & Recreation Director

Sally Costello, Vice-chair, Economic Development Director

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